Cordskinz Review

Tangled earbuds has been a problem for many, if not all earbud-users with no easy solution. Other products aiming to liberate earbuds from their tangled existence require folding, organizing, or tying earbuds in certain way…too much work!
With Cordskinz you can solve this problem!
Cordskinz are 1)Anti-Tangle, and they 2)Protect, and 3) Style your Earbuds

I received 2 sets of Cordskinz at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My boys each have their own tablet, and me and my husband have laptops, so there are a lot of headphones and ear buds in our house. I hate having to constantly untangle the ear buds for them so they can use their electronics. These Cordskinz are a great invention. They keep the cords untangled, and different colors identify who’s ear buds are whose. These are easy to put on the cords, and they don’t affect sound quality or comfort at all. My boys like these because they are still soft and twistable, so they can still store their ear buds away without having to take the Cordskinz on and off. If you use headphones or earphones on a regular basis, you need some Cordskinz!

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