Coco Luxe Organic Review

Take the Goodness to Go! USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil in a Tube… easy to use, easy to carry, easy to store!!
My Review
I have a few different skin and hair issues. I like to use organic products that will help, and not fill my body with unneeded chemicals. I have heard over and over again that Coconut oil is great for hair and skin and that it has a lot of different uses. It’s never been this convenient for me to try it before though. I was excited to get this Coco Luxe in a tube. It is easy to use and I can take it with me in my purse to work, the lake or the beach. I keep one on my bathroom sink and one in my toiletry bag for when we go out for the day. This Coconut Oil has done wonders for me and my kids. It helps with dry skin, psoriasis, my acne and it has made my hair healthier and shinier. I have a few small spots of psoriasis that really start to hurt when my skin gets really dry from the heat down here. I can easily dab on some of the Coco Luxe and have almost instant relief. Coco Luxe can also be used to help the healing process when my accident prone boys and husband get cuts and scrapes. There are so many different uses for Coco Luxe! Check out the links below to learn more!

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