Allett Billfolds Review and Giveaway

Allett is a family owned business based out of San Diego, CA and all of our products are handcrafted in the USA. Our wallets are available in Classic Leather, SoftTech Nylon and environment friendly EcoThin wallets, which are made from recycled plastic bottles. With new technology increasing the problem of identity theft, we have implemented RFID protective wallets into our product line. 
Allett has an initiative to “End Wallet Butt” with ultra thin wallets so we offer wallets for men and women.
I received one of the Women’s Soft Tech Nylon Wallets at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I am a purse, bag and wallet addict. I love this little Soft Tech Nylon wallet I received. Now, this is not your typical “everything but the kitchen sink” wallet that I am used to. This is a smaller, more compact, soft sided wallet. This is perfect for carrying a few dollars and change, or my debit card when I’m at work. Since this is a soft, nylon wallet I can even put my chap stick in it, and it still folds up nicely and fits in my back pocket, or the pocket of my sweater I wear at work. I also use this when, on the very rare occasion it happens, I go out for dinner with just my hubby or a friend. I love the color of this wallet also. The fabric is soft and is not uncomfortable when it’s in my pocket.
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  1. Currently, I don't have a wallet. I had a really cute blue faux leather wallet that I liked a lot, but I lost it. I was hoping it would turn up but eventually I gave up hope. So I need a new wallet…

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