Welcome Home Brands Review and Giveaway

Welcome Home Brands is bringing a whole new way of baking to the US market with our extensive line of oven-safe paper and plastic bakeware.
I received 2 products from Welcome Home Brands at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
Our Review
We love to bake treats, and I love finding new ways to bake our favorite treats. Muffins and cupcakes are my favorite snacks to make. When I use the thin baking cups from the store they tend to fold in when I’m putting batter in them, and they rip pretty easily. I was excited to get these cupcake cups and the baking loaves from Welcome Home Brands. These baking cups are made from thicker paper then the other store bought ones I have used in the past. There are dozens of shapes and designs to choose from that would work for any occasion.  These cupcake cups and baking loaves are sturdy enough that they can stand by themselves on a flat pan, you don’t have to use a muffin pan. These don’t rip easily and once cooled come off of the muffin, cupcake of loaf with almost no mess. These are so sturdy and come away so cleanly that you could almost reuse them if you wanted to. Check out all the choice they offer at the links below!

Win a 50 piece Single Serve Baking Loaves ($19.95 value)

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