Survival Bar Review

By introducing more foods that love your body, you can lose weight, increase energy, boost immune system, live healthier and Fall In Love With Food Again!
We received a few Survival Bars at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
My husband and my boys are very active. We live in FL and they like to hike and ride bikes and a lot of other outdoor activities that they can do now almost year round. These Survival Bars are 100% organic and Vegan. They are made with all natural, raw ingredients that are a great source of energy and nutrition. Survival Bar has 6 different flavors. We received the Original, the Cranberry Blast and the Blueberry Burst flavors. My boys liked the Blueberry flavor. These are easy for them to take along when they go hiking, biking, or just to the park to play. The Survival Bars are so much healthier than the quick sugary snacks they usually grab. We will definitely be keeping these on hand for trips, activities and I’ve even put one in my locker at work. Check out Survival Bar at the links below!

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