Shirts That Go Review

We are here to provide to you a great line of kids graphic tees for the vehicle lover in your family. We have a great lineup for the kids and toddlers featuring realistic designs of their favorite vehicles shown in motion. Our line is a huge hit with the toddler boys that love anything transportation or construction related. We have a great selection of vehicle designs from the airport to the highway to the construction site to the farm and even the railway! If you are looking for boys clothes and toddler boys clothes with a transportation theme you have come to the right place. We recently added some transit type vehicles as well as military vehicles and soon our line of emergency / fire & rescue vehicles will be complete!
We received 3 shirts from Shirts That Go at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
I was so excited to get these shirts for my boys. My boys are both non stop, constant motion machines. They love anything that has a motor and goes. They were so excited over these shirts, they could not wait to put them on. There was of course a little arguing over who got to wear which one. The finally agreed, with almost no blood spilled. They wore their new shirts to school to show them off to all their friends. The shirts were a big hit. These shirts have been through the wash a few times now, and the design has not faded, and they have retained their size and shape well. The boys love these shirts and wear them over and over. I cannot wait for the oldest’s birthday so I can surprise him with a new one!

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