Reduce 64oz Vacuum Growler Review

Reduce makes attractive and innovative eco-friendly products that are designed to help consumers “reduce” their carbon footprint.
I received the 64oz Vacuum Growler at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
I have tried many different types of travel cups and containers and so on.They usually get used for awhile and then end up at the back of a cabinet. This Vacuum Growler from Reduce has gotten more use in the past couple weeks then any of my other cups I use when we go out. It holds enough that all 4 of us can have something to drink, and not have to carry 4 separate cups. It really does keep our drinks cold for a really long time. My husband and boys go to the parks and springs around where we live, and they love to use this to take their tea and water. Whether we put water, tea, lemonade. or juice in this, it cleans easily and doesn’t retain any smells and doesn’t stain on the inside. The lid is a cup, so we don’t have to carry plastic cups that have to be thrown away or carried back home. Check out this Growler at the links below.

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