Organo Gold Review

Organo Gold is a global Network Marketing company, which is more like a family that is growing and thriving every day. A family that is caring and compassionate and believes that the knowledge of Ganoderma should be in the hands of people worldwide. It’s a family that cares about you. By infusing Gourmet Coffee and an ever-expanding product line with the power of the Ganoderma lucidum, Organo Gold has scientifically developed a coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee.
Ganoderma is a ancient Chinese medicinal herb that is said to support the immune system, promotes alertness and increases the dietary intake of antioxidants. It¹s an easy way to advance a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way that does not alter daily habits, and is a key ingredient to Organo Gold coffee. For thousands of years, Ganoderma lucidum has been recognized by practitioners of traditional Asian medicine as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for Ganoderma, Lingzhi, means ³spiritual potency,² while the Japanese name, Reishi, can be translated as the ³King of Herbs.²
Dr. Shi-Jean Lee ‹ the most renowned doctor of the Ming Dynasty ‹ strongly endorsed the effectiveness of Ganoderma in his famous book Great Pharmacopoeia [Ban Chao Gang Moo]. In it, he wrote that ³long-term taking of Ganoderma will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life.²
I received the Black Coffee at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I am a coffee and tea fanatic. I work very early in the morning and I absolutely have to have either coffee or tea to get me going for the day. My husband doesn’t drink nearly as much coffee as I do, so I don’t like to make a full pot and have it go to waste. I have not been a fan of instant coffee, I never thought it really measured up to brewed coffee. I was excited to try this Black Coffee from Organo  Gold. This instant coffee is really good, and I don’t have any complaints about it being instant. It really does taste like a cup of coffee that was brewed in a machine. I love the flavor of this coffee. I add a little bit of sugar and creamer, and it turns out perfectly. If you are a one cup in the morning coffee drinker like I am, then Organo Gold has the perfect instant coffee or tea for your tastes! Check them out at the links below!
  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I have been researching a lot about Organo Gold and Holton Buggs who is part of Organo Gold. So far I am not interested even though holton buggs has had a lot of success according to some information I stumbled upon online I still don't know if I should join or not.

    This article has some good points though, I'll consider it!

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