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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Make this Valentine's Day Special with Less

Make this Valentine's Day Special with Less

Do you want to surprise the person you love for Valentine’s Day but don’t have a large budget to go with? You are not alone, as many of us go through the same situation, but rest assured that even with a small budget you can enjoy this holiday the right way. After all, it’s all about spending your time with the loved one and not about getting the most expensive gifts out there. This is why we have created a list with some of the best, inexpensive gifts that you can purchase or create if you want to surprise your better half!

Some of the ideas below cost nothing at all but if you intend to actually buy something, always try and find something online. It's one of the best ways to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts. If you still think some items might be too expensive, don’t worry. With the help of coupons you can easily reduce the price on those much desired items, and thus make them fit your budget. You can visit to find out how to use coupons and get more ideas for a perfect gift.

1. Create a romantic dinner at home

Let’s face it, not all couples want to spend Valentine’s Day in a restaurants and you shouldn’t do that either. Especially during this day, restaurants are filled with people and noisy, so they fail to provide the much needed intimacy. Instead, you can cook a romantic dinner for your loved one and prepare some flowers, maybe some aromatherapy candles and this should be more than enough to create a cozy, exciting atmosphere for you two!

2. Purchase antique jewelry

A good idea is to get antiques instead of the modern jewelry, because these are usually cheaper and sometimes you can actually find them at bargain prices, so it’s well worth checking out such an opportunity.

3. Buy some books

If your loved one likes to read, then a good idea is to purchase some books. Many shops, especially the ones you can find online offer books at discount prices before and during this holiday, so this might be a great way to impress her.

4. Make a collage with your and her photos

The idea here is simple, you need to try and get as many pictures as possible with you two and then create a collage. Print it then create a photo album and hand it to your loved one! It’s an amazing, inexpensive and unexpected gift!

5. Personalize a shirt

This is a simple gift, but it shows that you pride yourself with the person near you, and that’s what makes such a shirt so significant, especially if you hand it on Valentine’s Day. 

6. Purchase a Valentine’s Day toy

There are various love themed toys you can purchase for this holiday, but one of the best is a classic cube which has love notes on it. Of course, you can always use the funny bears or any other plush animal to get the same effect, it all depends on your budget.

7. Get a walk in the park and stargaze

With a small blanket, some sweets and the two of you, Valentine’s Day can be amazing. Just get the blanket and stargaze at the stars while kissing. Nothing can be more romantic than spending some time together!

This list will help you save a lot of money if you want to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget. Remember, the most important thing is to be with each other, as no expensive gift can be better than this. Of course, if you do want to reduce your Valentine’s Day expenses, create gifts on your own, come up with some crazy and inexpensive ideas or just use some coupons when you make an online purchase, as this will help you save money and still enjoy this holiday if you are on a budget!

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