Evo E Liquid Review

Since 2009, Nicopure Labs has been providing some of the largest electronic cigarette companies in the industry with the highest quality e-liquid base available. Working behind the scenes for years, Nicopure Labs is now pleased to offer a stock collection of our American Made e-liquid to companies of all sizes.
I received a selection of Evo E Liquids at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We selected the Pina Colada, Berry Blast, Apricota and Apple Cinnamon.
Our Review
We love trying new flavors and brands of E liquids for our e cigarettes. We are always on the lookout for great quality and flavors that are unique. We received 4 new flavors from Evo. Myself and my husband really like the sweeter, fruitier flavors. We were really happy with these choices from Evo. Some e liquids just aren’t that strong, and you aren’t really sure what flavor you are vaping. These Evo liquids are very true to taste, and they are strong. The size of the bottles is a great value for the price. My husband’s favorite so far is the Pina Colada. My favorite is the Berry Blast. We have tried a few different brands since we started vaping. These Evo flavors are high on the list for flavor and quality. We will definitely be buying from Evo again!

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