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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Encourage Journal Writing Through The Gift of a “642 Things” Journal

There are not many gift ideas that encourage creative writing nowadays. Whether you are looking for gifts to give to your children, parents or friends, a journal can be an ideal gift for people who have always wanted to start writing down the events of their lives, but weren’t sure where to start. If you want to make journal writing as easy as possible for the receiver of your gift, try purchasing a Journal that offers prompts for fun and clever creative writing opportunities like the 642 Things to Write About journal, which is one of my favorites!

Benefits of Journal Prompters

The 642 Things… journal helps spark creative juices in the gift receiver and encourage ideas for journal entries. Sometimes people think that they have absolutely nothing to write about, but once they are given funny suggestions for topics, they are suddenly able to create journal entries that will bring laughs and entertainment to their creative writing process.

Journals like these offer hilarious prompts such as planning your own obituary or writing a masterful ode to an onion. Although some of the subjects may seem absurd, they will undoubtedly bring light-hearted laughter once the writer picks up a pen and begins jotting down their thoughts. 

Instead of giving traditional gifts such as toys, ties or socks, give a unique journal that will not only inspire laughter and memories for years to come, but will get those millennials and children to pick up a pen like the old days. Who knows, you may even inspire the next great writer!

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