Celestial Creations 4 U Bracelet Review

My name is Celeste, and I am in love with jewelry. I have been collecting strange and beautiful beads from a young age, creating what I believe to be wearable pieces of art. I am fascinated with the mix of natural and modern patterns/textures, constructing the unexpected and divine. Celestial Creations 4U was a natural progression, as I have always loved jewelry making. I feel so lucky to be able to follow my passion every day, thanks to people such as yourself!
I received a beaded stretch bracelet in brown and green at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review
I love bracelets. I am always on the look out for colorful, creative and beautiful bracelets for my collection. I am particular to beaded bracelets because there are literally limitless design possibilities and every bead is different. I received this beautiful bracelet from Celestial Creations 4 U, and I could not wait to show it off. I love the combination of the browns and greens, and this bracelet goes with so many different colors that I wear. The bracelet adds a little beauty to even the simplest jeans and t shirt outfit. It’s also dressy enough to go out on the town.  I love this bracelet and will definitely purchase from Celestial Creations 4 U again!

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