A Dangerous Pest: 5 Tips to Keep Away Ticks

A Dangerous Pest: 5 Tips to Keep Away Ticks
Like mosquitoes, ticks are a major health threat. In fact, research shows that hundreds of people are hospitalized each year as a result of being bitten by a tick. Tick prevention is especially important during the summer months. Here are five ways that families can avoid ticks. 
Check the family pet
Cats and dogs love roaming outdoors on pleasant days. Unfortunately, ticks can easily burrow beneath their fur. Family pets should always be inspected for ticks before being allowed to come indoors. Spraying a repellent product onto the animal will surely help to ward off ticks. In the event that a tick is found on a pet, the owner should carefully remove it by applying gentle pressure. 
Keep the lawn mowed
Ticks tend to thrive in tall grass. This means that homeowners need to mow their lawn on a regular basis. The shortness of the grass allows sunlight to shine directly onto the ticks. According to experts, the sun causes a tick’s body to lose an incredible amount of moisture. It is also a good idea to keep shrubs and bushes away from the walkway. 
Cover up
Some people like to go hiking during the summer. However, wooded areas are known to attract a lot of ticks. Before walking on a nature trail, it is advisable to cover up as much as possible. Although a few ticks may cling to the person’s attire, the pests can be quickly killed by tossing the clothes into a hot dryer. 
Insect control
By distributing an environmentally-friendly pesticide around the premises, homeowners will be able to minimize the presence of ticks. This method of tick control can actually keep away ticks for the entire year. Children will then be able to safely play outside in a tick-free environment. 
Shower immediately
After returning from an outdoor activity, families should immediately take a shower. This will help to prevent any ticks from transmitting Lyme’s disease. 
All families should be able to enjoy being outdoors. Taking a few precautions will certainly help everyone to away from ticks.

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