599fashion.com Review

599fashion.com, Everything $5.99 or less. Brand new boutique style fashions at deeply discounted prices. Everything from clothing, shoes, plus size, beauty products, jewelry, accessories, and much more.
I received 5 products from 599fashion.com at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I love getting new clothes and new shoes. When I get it for prices like these, it’s like winning a small lottery. I was excited to pick out a few items from 599fashion.com. I have not bought new clothes or shoes for myself for awhile, and really needed a few new things to wear to work. I am always a little leery about buying or receiving clothes or shoes from online because I worry about sizing and fit. I was very happy with these items I picked out. The shirts are medium, and fit like a real medium. There was no shrinkage even when I washed them. The fabrics are soft and very comfortable and the designs are bright, and don’t fade with wash or wear. The shoes fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear all day long at work. The design is so cute, and I get a lot of comments on them. The little sweat jacket is perfect for wearing inside at work. It’s always cold inside my work. I am very happy with all 5 of the items I received, and cannot wait to order more from 599fashion.com. Check out their selection at the links below!

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