Welledia Diffuser Review

Aromatherapy has always been an art of holistic healing and living, throughout the many centuries this has been reflected in the making of fine therapeutic quality essential oils, it is our firm believe that this art be continued on all levels and styles of essential oils diffusion as well.
This is our goal and driving force, we research the world to find all the features possible in aroma diffusers, to realize how we can combine it with other holistic therapies, we then incorporate them in units big or small for all types of aromatherapy uses, our collection includes a full range of all types of affordable quality aroma diffusers for the home or on the go.
I received 2 Welledia Aroma Diffusers at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
The Wave Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser features a large 300ML reservoir and multiple settings, allowing you to customize the diffusion of essential oils, for up to 5-6 hours. Small and compact, the Wave Ultrasonic Esssential Oil Diffuser silently purifies and humidifies the air and has an optional night light, making it perfect for night time use and for traveling. The built-in Air Ionizer will effectively help clean the air you breathe. Add essential oils for aromatherapy benefit and relax by Aroma of your choice – Your body will be gradually relaxed, and your skin will be moisturized at the same time

Elegant Design, featuring natural ceramic housing. Wellspring used smart, safe, ultrasonic pulsations to create a long-lasting, tranquil mist. Add Essential Oils (not included) directly to the water for a healthy, soothing, fragrant spa environment. Glowing optional night light creates a subtle ambiance. Auto-Safety function turns light off when unit is powered down by timer or insufficient water level. Performs Intermittently with 6-hour timer and only a half cup of tap or bottled water, or 3 hours continuously.
My Review
I have recently been looking into, and starting to use, essential oils for a lot of different things in our lives and in our house. My youngest son and myself both have respiratory issues that we deal with year round. We have used a lot of different humidifiers and other products without a lot of success. You can not put oils into a lot of the machines on the market. I was so excited to try these aroma diffusers from Welledia.  I placed the Wave Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser in my sons room because it has the night light. The Black ceramic diffuser I placed in my room. These diffusers take a small amount of water, and only a few drops of your choice of essential oil. They both have a usage time of up to 6 hours, depending on the setting you use.
Over the holidays we used our Apple Cinnamon and Peppermint oils. The diffusers may look small, but the scent gets diffused throughout a pretty large area. Because they are small, they are unobtrusive and don’t take up a lot of room.
It never fails, me and my youngest always seem to get sick in November and December. I am so glad we had these diffusers this time. I was able to set these up with an oil that I have, Olbas Oil, that is really amazing for breathing and respiratory issues. With these diffusers from Welledia I can put the Olbas Oil in them and it fills the room, and we don’t have to sit with our heads over a pan or bowl of hot water.
I am so happy with these diffusers, the design and the functionality. I have been recommending these to all of my family and friends. Check them out at the link below!

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