Surf Sharks Review

An exciting new brand based on a series of children’s books about sharks and surfers who are righteous, radical and ready to ride. Pro Surf – Pro Sharks!
We received a Surf Sharks Gift pack at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I wanted this product to review for my 7 year old. We live in Florida, and he is a tad bit obsessed with sharks and other sea life. This book is hardback story with bright colorful art work that grabs and keeps his attention. The characters are cute, and he especially gets a kick out of the sharks. He loves playing with the collectors cards and stickers also. This is a really cool set that he has fallen in love with! The story is full of adventure, and he’s learned some really cool educational facts about sharks that he didn’t know also. The story puts sharks in a happy and fun light, and makes them not appear so scary. If you have an marine animal fan in your home you should definitely check out Surf Sharks!

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