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Friday, January 16, 2015

Safe and Comfy Kayaking with Custom Foam Seating

When enjoying the water kayaking, what are the two most important things to keep in mind? Safety and enjoyment, naturally! However, there is one thing that many people overlook that can affect both of those factors while on the water: their seat.

Kayak shells are basically cookie cutter parts, pumped out of molds one after another. This means it is the rare person who gets maximum comfort and maneuverability from these forms; two things majorly important for enjoying your time and maintaining control. Seats can be added which may improve fit, but, again, these are also often manufactured en masse, meaning the chance that they don't fit you perfectly is much greater than the chance that they do.

To achieve comfort that lets you paddle longer, your seat needs to be tailored to your body; its size, positioning, and where it generates pressure. While you can't really place blame on manufacturers for making kayaks that appeal to people in the broadest way, generic seating can't address all of your body's particular demands. In turn, this reduces control and maneuverability, as well as the physical comfort that can let you enjoy paddling longer.

The solution to this is problem is the creation of your own seat; something kayakers have been carving from closed-cell foam for years! Cross-linked foam is able to be carved and sanded to your body's specific needs, minimizing pressure issues and improving support. You can also test the fit as you go when making a DIY seat, and the bottom can be carved to fit the molded shell as well, for maximum compatibility with your vessel.

The next time you cut short a voyage, or wish you had better control navigating a tight spot, don't forget that the issue may all be stemming from where you sit!

Article submitted by TheFoam Factory, an online source for cross-linked polyethylenefoam, popular for the custom-creation of kayak seats and padding.

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