Non-Dairy Calcium Alternatives

Non-Dairy Calcium Alternatives 
One of the most important minerals that you can consume is calcium. Although dairy products are a great way to obtain your calcium, you may not eat enough dairy to absorb all of the calcium you need. The following foods and supplements can help ensure that you getting enough of the mineral in your daily diet. 
Though typically applauded for their high sources of iron, beans are an excellent way to increase the amount of calcium in your diet. One cup of white beans can provide 19% of your recommended daily calcium intake. Similarly, eating half a cup of black-eyed peas will provide 18% of your daily recommended calcium. 
Fruits and Vegetables
Much of the produce that you may already view as healthy due to its high vitamin content is also high in calcium. An orange, while well-known for its vitamin C content, contains 6% of your recommended daily calcium intake. Other beneficial fruits and vegetables include kale, bok choy, and turnip greens. 
Research suggests that soluble calcium supplements, such as those available from CALSURA, are easier for your body to absorb than calcium from food sources. These supplements are easy to consume because they dissolve in water. 
Although milk and cheese are great source of calcium, adding more sources of the mineral to your diet can help to ensure that you are meeting your daily needs. This in turn will help your body produce strong teeth and bones.

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