HaloCigs Premium E-Cigarette Review

Halo Cigs is a Florida based e-liquids manufacturer and wholesale and retail distributor of electronic cigarettes, and vaping products. With a state of the art e-liquids laboratory and production facility producing an ever expanding award winning line of quality e-cig and vaping liquids our goal is simple, to continue to innovate and lead with the purest, safest and best tasting American made e-liquids available today.
We received an Emerald Green Tritan Starter Kit and a selection of Halo Premium E Liquids at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
My husband and myself have recently decided to switch to vaping instead of cigarettes. We have been vaping for a few months now. We have tried a few different brands of batteries, tanks and liquids. We received this package from Halo that included the Tritan Starter kit and 4 flavors of E Liquid to try. We are already down to the 6mg nicotine level. I have been using the Tritan battery and tank for about 3 weeks now. I am very impressed with how well this battery and tank work. I only have to charge this battery maybe once a week. As long as I turn the battery off between uses, this battery lasts forever. The Tritan tank is bigger than the tanks I am used to, so I also don’t have to refill very often, which means my E liquids last for quite awhile.
We selected Twisted Java, Voodoo (tobacco flavor), Midnight Apple and Sub-Zero (menthol) for the flavors we wanted to try. Each flavor is exactly what we expected based on the description, and the flavors are nice and strong. You get the flavor of the liquid with every use, it doesn’t diminish at all.
We are very happy with the products we received from Halo and will be buying product from them again! 

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