Going the Extra Mile for Your Child

The sun and the stars hang on your child. As your greatest gift, you will do anything to make sure that his moving up to elementary school party is a success. It may seem like you have got all the time in the world, but that special occasion will be here before you know it. Start planning now to make the occasion one that your little one will never forget.
Pick Your Place
Think about your options for a location. If you are going to include family members and classmates, you want to have ample space. Your yard may be ideal, especially if you bring in a party tent in the event of bad weather. Otherwise, consider a public park with a pavilion that you can rent. You’ll have shelter, space, and won’t need to worry about a big cleanup job at home. A pool party, a favorite restaurant that caters to kids, and a theme park are other options.
Make it Unique
You want to do something special in recognition of your child. Consider personalized ice cream cups from Gelato Products that can be a party favor after everyone has enjoyed their treat. Order t-shirts that have been custom-made for your special occasion. Pass out disposable cameras and encourage everyone to take pictures to help you capture every moment. Bring in a guest performer, such as a children’s musician, a balloon artist, or a magician. When you are dealing with young children, you need to keep their attention.
Plan Activities
When it comes to throwing a party for little ones, you need to keep them occupied. In addition to serving food, plan simple games that will make everyone happy. Pick up little, inexpensive prizes to hand out at the end of each activity. A trip to the Dollar Store can be inspirational.
Remember to Keep it Short
Don’t allow the festivities to go on for too long. Two hours is plenty of time for a children’s party of any sort. When you keep it short, you’re less likely to have a problem with anyone becoming irritable or upset with one another. Send your guests home with full bellies and smiles on their faces. Then spend some quality time with your little one to talk about all of the highlights of your special day together.

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