Friendly Bands Sunshine Loom Review

FriendlyBands was designed by an 8 year old American young girl who was inspired to create her very own Sunshine Loom when she was just 10 years old! The SunsineLoom is thoughtfully designed with loomineers in mind. We have 70 Pegs which allows bracelet designs to go all the way around your wrist! They can also be made in different sizes so one can be made to fit perfectly around the wrists for dads and grandpas…No need to buy a second Loom!
We received one of the Sunshine Looms at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
This is a neat new way to make those cool loom bracelets and creations. My husband and my boys love to make the bracelets, and try to make some of the charms that they see pictures of. With this circular loom they can make different size bracelets, necklaces, and key chains for us and for their friends. There are so many tutorials online on You Tube and Pinterest. They never seem to get bored with this. This loom has a center storage area and closes tight for travel. I don;t have to worry about finding the little rubber bands all over my house. This is a fun and engaging project for all of us to do together.
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