Cosmos Creations Flavored Puffed Corn Snacks Review

When it comes to snack foods, just about anyone can pump out unhealthy products at a rapid clip. At Cosmos Creations, we’re slowing things down. We’ve made the commitment and investment to use only all natural ingredients to create a snack food with a premium, indulgent, artisan taste.
If you’re ready for a unique experience, then let Cosmos Creations take you there. Every bag begins with pure, natural corn, baked in the oven for a taste that’s out-of-this-world. Every bite is an explosion of flavor and a mouthful of happiness.
It’s easy to brag about what’s inside every bag, but what’s excluded—gluten, trans-fats, hulls, kernels, preservatives and additives—is even more important. Just all-natural ingredients you can pronounce, and a taste that’s almost heavenly.
Cosmos Creations Flavored Puffed Corn Snacks

Premium puffed corn snack
Spicy and sweet flavors
Non-GMO corn
No hulls or kernels

I received an assortment of Cosmos Creations Flavored Puffed Corn Snacks at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review

We love to snack in this house. My husband and boys are a bit addicted to salty snacks like pretzels, chips, crackers and cheese and so many more. When we got these Cosmos Corn Snacks to review, they could not wait to try all the flavors. Each flavor is unique, and so good. I have no problem letting them eat as much of these as they want, because they are so healthy. I love these puffed corn snacks because they are light, and so flavorful. There are no kernels or seeds. You really cannot eat just a few, you will want to finish the whole bag!

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