Awesome Advice For First Time Freebie Hunters

If you’ve not yet heard about freebies, giveaways or couponing, then you’ve been seriously missing out. Many people are now actively hunting down ways to gain access to free products and are making it part of their daily routine, to find the best deals. Free samples might sound too good to be true, but they do exist, and they are out there for the taking if you know where to look.
Freebie hunting is a fun way to make a little extra money and receive free samples by mail. You can start by just taking a few hours each week to be more savvy about your shopping and from there; it could even lead to extreme couponing!
Where to start? 
The best place, to start tracking down potential freebies, is online. You can find access to coupons and free products from a quick google search. Narrow the search down and find Facebook groups or communities from your country. Joining these will give you fast access to the best freebies. Writing to companies with your views about their products can sometimes yield a good first batch of coupons. Simply find out their email address or mailing address from their website and get in touch. 
Be confident and make sure that you know your consumer rights. When it comes to using the coupons, some stores may make things difficult for you. Come prepared with the store’s terms and conditions printed off. Take it with you and show them if you think you are being told something that isn’t correct. Making sure you can back up your views will save you time and hassle. 
Delving a little deeper
It’s not just free products that you can get hold of. There are also plenty of people who enter giveaways as a hobby and end up winning hundreds of dollars worth of products! Follow as many brands as possible on your social media accounts, and you can enter every giveaway easily. If you are already signed up as a member on a website, it will ensure that you can enter a giveaway faster or claim a coupon or code. 

Five fab tips for ultimate success
Change the way you shop and become more spend savvy. Think about what products are on offer. Can you substitute your usual product for a cheaper brand and use one of your coupons?
Ask and be polite. Sometimes simply asking in store can gain you free products and trial size samples. Beauty stores often have mini product samples behind their desk, and when you make a purchase, they may let you try some. There is no harm in asking. Just don’t demand!
Start a blog and connect with others. A great way to connect with likeminded people is to start your own blog. You may be surprised at the friends you’ll make and the contacts you can build. Blogging may also gain you occasional freebies if you have enough traffic. You will usually have to review an item in this case though, so be prepared to put some effort in.
Get the family involved. This is a great way of making freebie hunting and couponing fun. Involve the whole family and encourage fun family savings. 
Only take what you need. Don’t be tempted to get greedy with your freebies or your couponing. Stick to the rules and remember to leave some for others

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