Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Toys Review

Founded in 1946, Uncle Milton creates, produces and markets proprietary and licensed toys that inspire imagination and learning while encouraging kids to explore and discover their world.
I received 2 toys from Uncle Milton’s at no cost in exchange for our honest review
We got the Star Wars Jedi Telescope and the Star Wars Swamp Slime Lab


Our Review
I love the Uncle Milton brand. They carry some of the most current toys on the market. I also love when I can get my boys the toys they will love, and they will learn something while they play with them. My boys are 7 and 9 right now. They love their video games and computers, but at the same time they are fascinated by anything to do with the sciences. If a toy can be fun, and gooey and gross, like the Swamp Slime, then we have hit a home run. My 9 year is is particularly interested in anything to do with space lately, so this telescope is great for him. This is a real, working telescope, and is quite sturdy for his still small hands. We live at the edge of town so he actually gets to see some great stuff in the sky out here. There aren’t too many business lights, and street light interfering. They are both so excited to have these, and I quote “awesome stuff!”. Myself and my husband love seeing them engaged and learning while they think they are just playing. Both boys have a pretty long wish list of other toys they would love to have from the Star Wars Science collection!
We are very happy and very impressed with these 2 toys and we would most definitely buy Uncle Milton toys again!

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