Top 9 Ladies Watches 2014: My Review

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Over the past year, many luxury brands have released interesting new collections of lady’s watches. So, we thought we would put together a handy guide, filled with all the best watches and best tips for buying a new watch.

For our top nine ladies watches and best watch buying tips, have a read below:

Choosing a watch: things to consider

Whilst how the watch looks is an important factor, it is also a good idea to pay attention to what is inside the watch. Consider whether it will perform the functions you need it to before buying it.

Start by choosing a style – watches come in lots of different designs and styles. The most popular styles are as follows: sports watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, diver’s watches or dress watches.

Then consider what type of movement you would like your watch to have – movement means the kind of mechanism that runs the watch. You can choose from a quartz / battery watch, a mechanical / hand-wound watch, an automatic / self-winding watch, and a solar powered watch. Whilst each of these movements are very different, each tends to be just as effective as the other.

The next step when choosing a watch is to consider what type of strap you would like your watch to have – leather, fabric, metal bracelets, bangle bracelets.

Once you have decided on what type of strap you would like, you can then decide on what dials you would like on your watch. What shape dial do you prefer – round or square? What type of numerals would you like – Arabic or Roman? Or, would you like a digital watch face? Consider whether you would like a decorated dial – some dials are enameled or decorated with diamonds or mother of pearl.

The last thing to consider when choosing a watch is whether or not you want it to be water resistant. What do you plan on doing whilst wearing it?

1. Lange and Sohne Saxonia Automatic

The Lange and Sohne Saxonia Automatic watch is incredibly understated. It has a beautiful circular watch face, encrusted with gemstones, adding even more luxury to its design.

As well as looking beautiful, this watch is comfortable to wear and goes with just about anything.

2. Seiko Women’s Core Solar Watch

A beautifully appealing, timepiece from Seiko, this Woman’s Core Solar Watch has a light brown leather strap and a gold stainless steel case. The dial face is surrounded by a thick, traditional bezel design. The watches hands have a golden tone to them and the strap fastens with a buckle.

One of the best things about this watch is that it is powered by solar movement, instead of by a battery. With no battery replacement ever required, this watch is as pretty as it is cost effective. Plus, it is good for the environment.

3. Citizen Women’s Silhouette Watch, Rose Gold

A beautiful rose gold, classical design from Citizen, this watch is truly stunning. The watches slim case is edged with diamonds, complete with a stainless steel watch strap. The watches face shape is round; it has an eco-drive movement and has a bracelet strap.

Whilst this is a beautiful watch design, it isn’t water resistant so cannot be worn in the rain, bath or when washing up.

4. Mondaine Unisex Helvetica Leather Strap Watch

This unisex watch has a simple, modern design that looks great on both men and women. The watch has a round face, a stainless steel strap, a quartz battery, and a leather strap. Whilst the dial has slim hour markers and a date window inside the face, the leather strap is fastened with a buckle clasp.

5. Radley Women’s Grosvenor Square Stone Let Link Bracelet Watch

A beautifully, elegant, eye-catching watch complete with a polished stainless steel strap. Set with a beautiful set of sparkling crystals this dressy watch is perfect for wearing on a night out or a special occasion.

This watch runs on either a quartz battery or a regular battery and has a bracelet type strap.

6. Citizen Sunrise Women’s Diamond and Mother of Pearl Watch

This stylish watch is an iconic piece that has a soft mother of pearl encrusted dial; diamond markers and diamond encrusted edging. This watch has a gold-toned stainless steel case and black mock crocodile strap, complete with two-tone stitching.

This watch also features sapphire crystal and best of all, is water resistant up to 50 metres, so can be submerged entirely in water.

7. The Birdy Double Wrap Leather Strap Watch
Complete with a beautiful brown leather strap, a gold face and a large-sized watch face, The Birdy Double Wrap Leather Strap Watch is a stunning piece. It has gold and white hands and large, gold numbers across the watches face.

The Birdy Double Wrap Leather Strap Watch has a stunning design, making it the perfect statement piece. To look at a similar Gold Watch by Shinola, you can visit their online site.

8. Superdry Women’s Scuba Silicone Strap Watch

This rugged and stylish Superdry watch is perfect for using for playing sports. It is waterproof up to 100 metres so can be worn when swimming or diving, as well as in the shower. The watches case is stainless steel, whilst the watches strap is made of long lasting and super comfortable silicone.

The watches dial has easy to read Arabic numerals, a removable lens guard and a quartz movement mechanism.

9. Komono Women’s Expressionist Wizard Watch

This bright, patterned watch design is perfect for adding a splash of colour or a little fun to any outfit. Complete with a matte look case and a small, decorative crown at the 4 o’clock mark, this watch is a beautiful contemporary piece.

Featuring a fabric strap which has been lined with leather, this watch has a traditional buckle clasp and is powered by quartz.
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When choosing a watch it is important to remember that aside from the style of the watch, you should also take into account its features. Such as whether or not it is waterproof, what kind of battery it runs off of and how long lasting it is.

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