Time In A Box Review

Offer a child you care about the gift no one else in the world can give them – your time. Inside this box you’ll find 96 activity cards that allow a child to momentarily shift your priorities and focus on doing a special activity together. Play a board game, solve a puzzle, start a family tree, make a blanket fort, visit your local fire station or carry out an act of kindness that will bring a smile to a stranger’s face. A simple written agreement between the child and you sets the ground rules by which you’ll both abide. Switch off your cell phone and get ready for some quality time! Season-by-season, with these inspired activities, you’ll have a wealth of ways to make memories together. What is Time in a Box? A gift of dedicated time, an opportunity to try new things, a way to explore art and science, a chance to plan for the future and to consider the past, a way to tell a child in your life that they matter to you – more than anything!
We received Time In A Box at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I was excited to get this Time In A Box. My husband, and my boys, have a bit of an addiction to their phones, game systems and the TV. We have started to institute time limits on these things, and we have been doing family game nights more often. Time In A Box takes “unplugging” to a new level. You sign an agreement with your child that you will do your best to do whatever activity is selected, either that day, or as soon as possible, The activities are one on one ways to spend special time with your child. The activities are broken down by season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. These are fun, simple and enjoyable activities for both parent and child. We live in Florida so we have the ability to do the outdoor activities almost year round. My boys are loving this, and so are me and my husband. We are creating some great memories with our children with Time In A Box!

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