The Kitchen Safe Review and Giveaway

Simply put an item in the safe and set the timer. Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, the safe locks and cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero.
It’s a science proven concept that produces powerful results!
We received a Kitchen Safe at no cost in exchange for our honest review.

This is the greatest product ever if you have small children, or will power issues. You can put snacks, candy, cell phones, game controllers, money, and so much more in this Kitchen Safe. The timer can be set from 1 minute up to days at a time. The best part of this is, even if you wanted to give in, once the timer is set, it cannot be over ridden. Once it’s locked, whatever is in the safe is there until the timer runs out. This Kitchen Safe is sturdy plastic, and will hold several small items at a time. We are currently using this for game controllers, since my boys think video games are an entitlement and not a privilege. My favorite part of this item is that daddy can not give in to the whining when I am not home. I have also used this to limit snacks. My boys would eat an entire package of cookies in one sitting if we didn’t stop them. There really are endless uses for this item. Every household has a need for this, even if they don’t know it yet!

Win a Kitchen Safe of your choice!!

  1. I like the Red Lid + White Base but says sold out so I guess the white with white base and would give to my sister who bakes all the time. She would be able to keep her chocolate chips, candies and what she uses for her baking until she is ready to bake and not worry about the kids eating them before she starts

  2. I like the green lid with white base since the reds are sold out. And the white base will definitely be a better one cause you can't see the item and you wont be too tempted. I would definitely put my chocolate / cookie stash cause my boyfie keeps eating them and also so i wont eat them too often too. 😀

  3. I would pick the green one. The first thing I would put in there would be my chips. Every time I have a craving for something salty the kids have eaten all the chips. If I could put this in the freezer ice cream would be in there.

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