Sustainable Suds Cream of Coco Soap Review

Cream of Coco is a natural soap originating in the heart of the Paraguayan forest. It’s made from the “Mbocaya,” an edible nut that grows on the Paraguayan coco tree, which is in the palm family and not a coconut tree. This soap is sustainably produced to preserve the rain forest and use every part of the fruit. You can bathe, shampoo and achieve a close, clean shave with this luxurious body cleanser. It softens and revitalizes skin and is ideal for hand-washing delicate fabrics, too! Cleanse your body … Save the planet.
I received 3 bars of Cream of Coco Face and Body Soap at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
My Review
I am a bit of a soap snob. I have very sensitive skin, and I’m very sensitive to and particular about scents. The first thing I did when I received this was open it and smell it. I was happy to note that it didn’t have an overwhelming scent, it has a light fresh scent to it. Te next test was if it would bother my skin. I used the soap just on my hands first, and had no issues. I now use this soap in the shower all the time. It leaves no filmy ick on my skin, and leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft to the touch. I have some dry spots that bother me and itch, and using this soap has really helped with that issue. I like that this can used for hair and body, especially on days when I over sleep and I’m in a rush. This can also be used on hand wash only clothing. I haven’t tried that yet, but I will be! This is a great product that we can all use, even my boys who have worse sensitive skin than I do. Check out the link below to purchase some for your family!

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