SmartCharge LED Light Bulb Review

SmartCharge™ LED energy efficient light bulb supplies 4 hours of battery backup during a power outage. It works like a normal light bulb, and fits a standard fixture, but works during power outages.

I received a SmartCharge LED light bulb at no cost in exchange for our honest review.
*SmartCharge bulb in our kitchen fan light fixture with breaker turned off*
Our Review
Power outages can be a pain, and can be scary for younger children. You can stock up on lanterns and flashlights, but that can run into a lot of money for batteries, and sometimes it’s just not enough. This SmartCharge light bulb is a really great invention. You can replace your plain jane light bulbs with these, they work in all regular bulb sockets. The SmartCharge bulbs charge with regular use of your lights. Then when the power goes out, they stay on for up to 4 hours! That can make a really big difference when you have young kids who may be scared. It makes it easier to continue your normal routine, without having to figure out how to hold a flashlight or carry a lantern while doing something also. These are very budget friendly also. I was actually surprised when I looked at the price, I thought for sure they would be more expensive. You can easily outfit your main rooms in your house with these without breaking the bank. I know we will be buying several more of these! Check SmartCharge out at the links below!!

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