Sass N Frass Review

We are a fun online boutique! Selling affordable fun sassy items!
I received a product from Sass N Frass through my rep at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I am a purse addict. I have a lot of different purses. I need different colors and designs depending on season, weather and what I’m carrying and wearing. I was introduced to Sass N Frass by a friend who is a representative, and she offered to send me a product to review. So of course I bee lined for the purses and bags. I really like big purses, and I like purses with some bling on them. This Silver Star purse fit the bill perfectly. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It arrived really quickly, within 4 or 5 days. I adore this purse! There are so many pockets and spots I might lose stuff in it. The straps are just long enough to go over my shoulder comfortably, and the purse doesn’t hang in my way. The material is really nice and resilient. I have to put my purse in a locker every day at work, and it has retained it’s shape even when I have to stuff it in there. The star and leaf design is beautiful, and the star and bling around it are on there solidly. It’s not going to peel or pick off with regular use. The zippers all work smoothly and do not snag. I can fit everything I can possibly need for a day in here, and still have room to spare. This is a nice, high quality purse. I will definitely check out the other products that Sass N Frass has to offer!

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