Reviver Review

Whether it is food, sweat, smelly spit up, smoke or everyday stenches, life’s smells can get the best of us. Enter Reviver: the world’s first on-the-go odor eliminating dry swipe for clothes and hair. Each non-toxic reusable swipe comes in a re-seal-able pack that is small enough to fit in a purse, diaper bag, wallet, pocket or gym bag for instant freshness anytime, anywhere. Affordable, dry and effective, each swipe delivers over 10 treatments, freshening clothes between washings.
I received a sample of the Reviver wipes at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
This is one of the neatest products I have come across. When you have long days of work, appointments, errands, gym and more, sometimes you just want to freshen up a little between stops. That’s not always easy to do, you can’t always run home and shower or change, or carry changes of clothes with you. With these Reviver wipes, you can freshen up easily and quickly anywhere. You just open, swipe, and go on your way. They have several options to choose from, even wipes for pet odors. They even make Reviver with pheromones for men and women, to use when you are with the opposite sex, like right before a date. These wipes really work well, and they refresh without leaving a heavy scent on your clothes.

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