PIKA Wear Boots Review and Giveaway

Born in the Pacific Northwest between ocean and mountains, PIKA blends timeless design with styles ideal for everyday adventures.
I received a pair of PIKA Teya Button Mid boots at no cost in exchange for my honest review

I am a shoe aholic. I love shoes and I need shoes for every type of outfit, outing and weather type. When we moved from PA to FL I didn’t bring a lot of my cold weather shoes because I figured I would have no need for them. Turns out it can actually get cold enough for boots in FL. I was able to pick a pair of these boots to review, and they came at the perfect time. We’ve had a bit of a run of cold weather recently, and I could not wait to be able to wear my new PIKA boots. I picked the Teya Button Mids because I like boots that I can tuck my jeans into. I was in love with these boots as soon as I put them on. The sheepskin lining on the inside is so soft and thick. Wearing these is like wearing your favorite pair of slippers all day. The buttons on the side and the elastic loops allow for easy taking on and off of the boots. The boot are suede on the outside, and the Chestnut color matches a variety of outfits. These also come in other color options such as Grey, Black Navy and Forest Green. I have pain issues with my feet, and these boots were like walking on clouds all day, I was comfortable and my feet did not hurt at the end of the day. I highly recommend PIKA boots if you are in the market for a new pair of cold weather shoes!

You can win a pair of these gorgeous boots!!

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