On The Move Review

Callum Vicente and his four best middle school buddies live in a Southern California beach town, and narrowly miss being grounded for life after they sneak out of town on the bus for a great skateboard day just before promotion from 8th grade. Their pal Justice ends up with a wicked broken leg, but their parents soon forget about it because weird, tense things are happening in the news. 
So Callum, Levi and his bff Apollo are soon deep into their best summer ever at PEAK skateboard camp where they learn tricks from the pros, grind on endless street courses, and careen off one awesome ramp straight into the lake. It is mad fun until the War breaks out: the teens watch major cities blown up on TV, have no idea what’s happened to their parents, and then lose virtually all communication with the outside world. 
Stranded, the boarder buddies strike out on their own to find their families, travelling north through all of California and Oregon, following a network of underground message boards and savvy riders who they find holed up in skate parks along the way. They pick up their school buddy Mateo Beltran and hitch a ride with their Native friend Obbie, on his way to safety on his dad’s reservation in Washington state, and even get some surprising help as they try to figure out a world gone crazy while they are On the Move.
I received a paperback copy of this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
My son and my husband are into the skater culture, especially my husband who grew up in Florida and skateboarding was his main form of recreation. He really wants to teach my boys how to skateboard and they are eager to learn. My 9 year old was excited to sit down and read this book with me. He was fascinated with the story line, even if some of it was a little over his head. As a grown up reading this, I loved the references to pop culture songs, movies and items in the book. There is a dystopian theme in the book based around a catastrophic event. That event brings Callum and his buddies closer, and teaches them what teamwork and sticking together is all about. This was a quick, entertaining, sometimes funny and sometimes serious read that I really enjoyed. I will be holding on to this for my sons to read again when they get a little bit older. 
About the Author
K.V. Flynn is a writer who lives in Southern California, kind of near Manhattan-Huntington-Malibu Beach. His action-adventure book ON THE MOVE is about 14-year-old skater friends who are stranded at skate camp when a War breaks out. Follow the news about it at OnTheMoveBooks.com.
He’s currently writing the prequel, ON THE RIM. His favorite ride is an 8.25″ Krooked deck, Independent trucks, and 53 mm Spitfire wheels. He is half Spanish and half Irish. K.V. has a dog, and has been watching “Pretty Sweet” by Chocolate Skateboards, “Stay Gold” by Emerica, and “The Deathwish Video” by Deathwish Skateboards. What about you!? 
He and his bros regularly cruise Venice, Stoner, Skatelab, and Van’s. Talk back: KVFlynnOntheMove@gmail.com.

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