New Holiday Children’s Books

It’s almost time to deck the halls and trim the trees once again – and, just in time for all the festive fun, here are four wonderful children’s books by bestselling indie authors to make young spirits bright. Each of these authors wanted to share the special holiday stories that they created for their own families with readers around the world and they all found success beyond their dreams via Amazon’s indie publishing platforms, CreateSpace for print and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for e-books. These four books introduce lovable new characters that are sure to become seasonal family favorites far and wide for years to come:
Calling All Grammies – A Christmas Tale of Friendship, an inventive story by Flo Barnet features an intrepid grandma and her friends from around the world, who band together to save the day when Santa’s sleigh breaks down and can’t be fixed in time to take to the skies for Christmas. Flo began writing children’s books at age 68 because she wanted to leave her seven grandchildren something special to remember her by.
Christmas on the Farm, an engaging rhyming picture book by Beau Blackwell, featuring a whole barnyard of adorably illustrated animals, reinforces that the true meaning of Christmas is about the spirit of friendship and giving to others. Beau has two small children who he reads to every night, and his goal was to create a Christmas book that he could share with them and that would also make a great holiday gift for friends, family and beyond. 
Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis, a charming winter’s tale and the newest addition to the award-winning Captain No Beard book series by Carole P. Roman, finds the daring pirate Captain No Beard and his loyal crew heaving anchor for adventure as they steer a course due north for the icy waters of the Arctic. A prolific writer, Carole’s work is inspired by the antics of her grandchildren and she often features them in the pages of her books.
The Christmas Witchling, an enchanting chapter book by D. Byron Patterson featuring the brave 8-year-old Witchling Tulie Flue, who struggles to set everything right after it all goes wrong in a heartwarming tale about courage, friendship and the wonder of the holiday season. Before deciding to indie publish his books, Byron had been telling his tales for years, holding the kids of friends and family spellbound.
We received paperback copies of these 4 books in exchange for our honest opinion.
I am so blessed to have two little boys who love reading as much as I do. They so very excited for new books. I was excited to get these new holiday books and give them to them. I could barely get pictures before they were grabbing them and reading them. Their grandma and grandpa live out of state, so my 9 year old called grandma up and read her the Calling All Grammies book over the phone. These stories are cute and funny, have a few nice little lessons in them, and the artwork in them is beautiful.
My 9 year old is a little bit of an advanced reader so me and him read The Christmas Witchling story together. This is a beautiful and sweet story about friendship and courage. All four of these books are holiday themed, and will be read many more times between now and Christmas, and hopefully will become part of our traditions for a few years to come!
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