Nerd Block Review

Nerd Block is just like comic con in a box! We’re a monthly mystery geek package delivered right to your door! For only $19.99 a month plus shipping, Nerd Block is filled with a custom, limited edition t-shirt along with toys and collectibles from your favorite brands including Star Wars, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Marvel, and many more! Every box is loaded with various genres to appeal to everyone from video game and movie fanatics, to toy and comic collectors. Each item is Geek Tested, Nerd Approved!
We haven’t forgotten about your awesome junior nerds (or junior at heart!)! Similar to our classic Nerd Block, Nerd Block Jr. is geared for kids aged 6-11! For only $13.99 a month plus shipping, Nerd Block Jr. is filled with toys and collectibles from your kids favorite brands including Star Wars, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Angry Birds, and many more!
We received a Nerd Block and a Nerd Block Jr. at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Nerd Block
Nerd Block Jr.
My Review
I have been blessed with 2 little boys who love everything comic, cartoon, and “nerd”. Myself and husband have taught them well. The problem is that they like so many different things, it’s hard to decide what to get them for rewards they earn,  birthday’s and holidays. These Nerd Block boxes solve that issue! These boxes are full of a selection of different items and characters that any grown, or growing nerd will love, These would make a great gift for that special comic, cartoon, or video game lover. I have taken a different route with these. We are working on bringing up my boys grades, so these are prize boxes that they get to pick out of when the progress reports come home. A few of these items will go under the Christmas Tree too! These are really high quality products, they are not dollar store specials that will wind broken after 1 use. The value for the products that come in these boxes is great, you would not get more than 1 or 2 of these items separately for what you pay for the whole box. I think this is one of the coolest, most ingenious monthly subscription boxes ever!

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