Manage Holiday Stress With a Little Organization

Manage Holiday Stress With a Little Organization
The holiday season is likely to be one of the busiest times of the year for you and your family. Preventing stress and burnout can be difficult for even the most laid-back of people. There are a number of ways that you can minimize the stressful effect of these important weeks; one good way is to get serious about organization. Not only will implementing organizational strategies help bring some much-needed order to your home, this effort will result in improvements that your family can enjoy all year long.
Why Organize During the Holidays?
The idea of getting organized during one of the busiest times of year might seem counter-intuitive. Actually, this is a great time to impose a little order on your household and here is why:
· A freshly organized house is cleaner and more welcoming to guests
· You can clear space to store decorations taken down after the holidays
· You will feel more relaxed and at ease in a clean, organized space 
· Donating old and unwanted items to charity before the end of the year can have significant tax advantages 
· Your special holiday decorations will shine a little brighter when they do not have to compete for attention with messy confusion 
Getting Organized is Easy 
There are a number of simple organizational strategies you can use to keep your home neat and orderly. Begin by creating a file folder to store the receipts of any gifts you purchase. These will come in handy if anything needs exchanged. Creating an itemized shopping list is also helpful. These tracking lists will also help you stay on budget; after all, keeping your finances in order during the holidays is one aspect of organization that often gets overlooked.
Preview your collection of holiday dinnerware before the big family dinner. Verify that everything is present and in good condition; if not, just purchase a few replacement goblets or plates. While you do not have to wash every piece, simply wiping the dishes off with a damp cloth will help prepare them for use. There is nothing worse than having to wash a bunch of dishes right before an important dinner, brunch, or buffet. This is a great time of year to purchase sturdy storage boxes for holding these special occasion collections. Label each box’s contents so you can keep track of your dishes.
Displaying holiday cards is a nice way to add some festivity to a space without a lot of fuss. You will no doubt receive a number of these holiday greetings and it is nice to keep these cards where you can enjoy them throughout the season. 
Start Organizing Today
It is never too early – or too late – to begin your holiday organizing efforts. Start your efforts now to enjoy a more hassle-free holiday.

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