K’NEX Review

K’NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!

We received 2 new sets to review in exchange for our honest review.

My Review

In my house, K’Nex are the greatest toys every created. I have 2 very creative and imaginative little boys who go crazy for building things. The K’Nex sets have a lot of pieces for them to work with, and be creative with. The pieces are sturdy and go together easily, so we are not dealing with broken necessary pieces, or their creations falling apart at slightest touch. The K’Nex sets keep my boys happy and engaged for hours. As well as the creations go together, and stay together, they also come apart easily so they build new things over and over.

My boys are electronic game addicts, and one of their favorites is Plants vs. Zombies. They love this K’Nex set with the Plants vs. Zombies set in a pirate theme. The 70 model set allows them to go wild with their creativity and imagination. I love watching them build new things. K’Nex are a favorite here and I don’t see that changing any time soon! Check them out at the links below!

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