iCoffee Steam Brewer Review

Our iCoffee SteamBrew™ extraction technology ensures that the bitter, acidic flavor produced by conventional brewing is a thing of the past.
We received an iCoffee Steam Brew at no cost in exchange for an honest review
I am very serious about my coffee. My coffee has to have great taste, and be smooth, and must be strong. I have had a few coffee pots over the years. They each have their pros and cons. This SteamBrew from iCoffee has a lot of pros. The SteamBrew technology makes for a very smooth cup of coffee. There are no grounds or sludge in the cup when you pour from the coffee pot. This coffee maker has an extra smaller filter that hangs on the inside of the carafe itself to prevent even the most tenacious ground from getting through to your coffee. You can watch the SteamBrew magic through the SteamBrew viewing window. My 7 year old finds this quite fascinating.
This coffee pot has a programmable auto start feature. This machine is not silent though, so when you set up auto start, make sure you’re OK with waking up at that time, especially if your bedroom is close to your kitchen. When you use the On/Off button to start your coffee, the machine plays a little tune. This machine also has a Pause & Serve function in case you are too impatient to wait for the whole pot to finish brewing.
Overall this is one of the nicest coffee pots I have had, and I love all the functions on this one. I think the viewing window is cool, and the little tune it plays is really unique. The coffee comes out so smooth, with no grounds, and no acidic taste. This machine has easy to remove parts, and all the pieces are easy to clean, and it’s easy to put back together.
This would make the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list!

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