Helen Ficalora Jewelry Review

I received a Crescent Dot Moon Charm and chain at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I like to have a few nice necklaces and bracelets to dress up my nicer outfits. I was sent this beautiful Crescent Dot Moon Charm and silver chain to review. I was instantly in love with this charm. I really like stars, moons and sun designs in jewelry. I couldn’t wait to wear this and see how it held up to my sometimes hectic life. The chain looks a little dainty, but is actually pretty sturdy. I have 2 little boys that love to sit and hang on me, so sometimes jewelry doesn’t last long. This necklace has held up wonderfully. The chain has held perfectly. The Crescent Moon charm is beautiful and eye catching. I get a lot of comments and compliments on this necklace. What I love most is that this is a simple, yet beautiful piece. It works well with anything from jeans and a t shirt, to a dress for a night out. This is also a timeless piece of jewelry. This would be a great gift for the youngest, the oldest jewelry lover on your list!

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