Death Wish Coffee Co Review

We’ve Created the strongest organic/fair trade coffee on the planet. Some may think this is irresponsible, we think it’s revolutionary.
We received a 1 pound bag of Death Wish Coffee, and a Death Wish Coffee Co beanie at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
I am addicted to coffee. The stronger the better is my belief. I couldn’t resist trying this Death Wish Coffee with it’s claim to be the strongest organic coffee on the planet. I have just recently gotten a brand new coffee pot, so I couldn’t wait to make a pot of this. We were not disappointed. This coffee packs a super charged punch to get you going in the morning. I have had strong coffee before, but Death Wish is certainly one of the strongest coffee’s I’ve tried. This comes as whole bean, so you have to grind it. The beans, and the coffee itself have an amazing aroma that will have you drooling! If you are a coffee lover you will want to try this coffee, without it you are truly missing out!

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