3 Advantages of Purchasing Wooden Toys

3 Advantages of Purchasing Wooden Toys
Years ago, a lot of children’s toys were made from wood. However, the majority of toys now are made in part or all from plastic. A plastic toy can be great. They can be formed in all types of shapes and come in great colors. However, there are some reasons why parents should consider wooden toys for their child.
Educational Benefits
Problem solving wooden toys in Australia help young children to work toward achieving a goal and gain confidence in their ability to do things for themselves. They also help them develop critical thinking skills such as an understanding of effect and cause relationships and flexibility.
On the other hand, creative wooden puzzles and toys help children develop their senses by exploring texture, color, form and shape while imaginative wooden toys boost a young child’s ability to understand the world and think.
Children’s wooden toys also help stimulate a child’s senses. Unlike a modern-day toy, a child is encouraged to touch, listen and look. People all know that this stimulation of senses is vital for intellectual development.
Additionally, wooden toys help develop eye to hand coordination. They also encourage manipulative play such as tracing, aiming, grasping and digging to boost their eye to hand coordination.
Highly Durable
Wooden toys are highly durable compared to plastic toys. Because they are made from wood, they are rugged and will not be ruined or damaged by an active child who likes to throw their toys against the wall or let them get a little wet. This is not the case with plastic toys as they tend to break and wear out quickly and need to be replaced.
What is worse is that they can be dangerous when they break into pieces. Kids can put these pieces in their mouth and choke. They also have sentimental value, and this is something that a grandparent or parent wants to share with their youngsters.
Environmentally Sound
Wooden toys are made wholly from organic substances. Because they are made from recyclable wood, a parent has the opportunity to teach their children the importance of being environmentally conscious before they can even walk.
This is not the case with plastic toys as they are made from chemicals. They will not only damage the environment but also pose a threat to a child’s health. In addition, plastic toys that end up in landfills can stay there for many years without breaking down. On the other hand, wood is biodegradable, so it will eventually return to the earth.
People can be easily attracted by the numerous features that a modern-day toy offers. However, with their simple design, rigidity and unique manufacturing, wooden toys in Australia still remain a popular choice among parents. Visit the 3 Cheeky Monkeys at http://the3cheekymonkeys.com.au/ to learn more about the world of wooden toys.

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