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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Worry Woo Review and Giveaway

The WorryWoo Monsters are an award winning series of books and plush dolls written and illustrated by Andi Green. Emotions themselves are turned into lovable quirky characters that embark on delightful journeys of self-awareness. Created to promote healthy emotional wellness, each WorryWoo adventure concludes with an upbeat message of “Hey, it’s OK” and present the perfect opportunity to openly discuss topics that don’t have easy answers.

We received a copy of the Dr. John book, Don't Feed The WorryBug (soft bound book) as well as a WorryBug plush and story book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

This new WorryWoo companion book, written by renowned Australian psychologist Dr. John Irvine, offers ideas and activities to help young children cope with worry and anxiety. Fully illustrated with never seen before Wince and the WorryBug drawings this new book is a must have for any parent or caregiver looking to teach healthy emotions.

Our Review

My son is a worrier. He has some sensory integration issues, so the smallest thing can be a big deal for him. We work very hard to make things in his life a little bit easier for him. I absolutely love the Worry Woos. These are cute, adorable, sweet stuffed animals with great stories that go along with them. He loves his new Worry Bug. He loves the story book, and is so happy to have his own little "friend" to help him with all his worries. The back of the story book has a notes page, and that is where we are going to write his worries down. There is also a Worry Bug to color, and a page where they can draw their own Worry Woo. This is such a great concept for kids like my son. I am also really happy with the companion book for parents. It is filled with great ideas and activities that will be very helpful!

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  1. My daughter worries about being alone in the dark.

  2. My grandson worries about school.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. She is just 3 and she always tells me she worries about the moon when it goes away.

  4. She does not worry that much :) But she sometimes is worried about monsters...


  5. My child worries about monsters.

  6. My son watches too many scary movies, evn though I turn them off. He's afraid of zombies and ghosts.