Steezys Review

Steezys are the new charms for your headphone cords. The name is a combination of “style” and “ease” and it’s easy to have great style with Steezys on your cords Steezys are designed for self-expression. When you pop on a Steezy, you’re telling the world what you’re into. With styles that range from donuts to hash tags, kawaii to sports, there’s something for everyone. Clip on a bunch! One Steezy is not enough-Steezys are meant to be worn as multiples. They’re collectible, trade-able and super light weight. Find your favorites and show the world your steez with Steezys.
I received a selection of Steezys at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.
My Review
I use headphones for a lot of different things. I use them to watch TV shows on my laptop, listen to music on my laptop and on my phone, and to listen to relaxation music at night. I think these Steezys are so cute! They add a little flair and style to the boring wires on your headphones. There are so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find a few that speak directly to you. I was really impressed with the number of different designs they offer. They are small, hard plastic and metal charms that clip on to your headphones with a small clip mechanism. I was worried about how well they would stay, because of how small the clip is, but I was quite impressed. I was up moving around, walking, and doing house hold things and they didn’t even budge. My cords also did not feel heavy, or like my ear buds were going to come out of my ears. These would make a great gift for stocking stuffers!

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