QTee Review

At QTee, we believe customized apparel should be fully fashion forward. No more uncomfortable t-shirts, lame graphics or unflattering cuts. This is the 21st century and we believe you should be able to wear a comfortable t-shirt, pick any cool cut you want, add an exclusive design and customize it all.
No more buying shirts the department stores pick for you each season. At QTee, you have full control. You pick the fashion, you pick the graphic and colorize each t-shirt to be exactly how you want. It’s that simple! Our shirts are as unique as each girl’s individual closet, and that’s how fashion should be.
I was able to pick a shirt to personalize at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
My Review
I am a t shirt addict. Contrary to what you may think, not all t shirts are the same. QTee allows you to not only pick a design you love, but you can then personalize the color of that design. I should have gone with something a little more flashy probably, but I simply could not pass this t shirt up. It is so very perfect for me, and the attitude I have for Mondays. This shirt is slightly over sized, which I love, and so very soft! I am a little sensitive to scratchy or rougher fabrics, and I don’t want to have to wash something a million times to soften it up. This t shirt fits great, it drapes nice, and I’m so comfortable all day because the fabric is so soft. The letters look and feel like they are part of the shirt, and have not faded or peeled at all. I get a lot of laughs when i wear this shirt, and I’m always excited to tell people about QTee and all that they offer!

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