Key Caps Review and Giveaway

This ‘Label-Label’ Key Cap is a completely NEW design of key cap cover. It is specifically made from stretchy silicone material, so our Key Caps stretch to fit over most key shapes and sizes. It has a specially designed ‘window’ in the key cap itself so you no longer need any additional key tags. You simply stick on an identifying label directly onto your key and then slide on your ‘Label-Label’ Key Cap.
I received the 8 pack of Key Caps with labels at no cost in exchange for an honest review

My Review
This is a fantastic product if you have more than a few key on your key ring. I have tried several different ways and products in the past to try to mark and label my keys. Most of them have failed. Other labels fall off, and if you have larger or odd shaped keys it can be hard to find other cap like products that fit them. Nail polish peels off and fades also. I like these labels and caps because of how easy they are to use! When you purchase the key caps you get a sheet of blank labels that you can either write on, or there’s a template to print labels with your printer. These key caps are super stretchy so they will fit larger and bulky keys as well as small ones like house keys and padlock keys. The labels go on under the cap so the cap keeps the label securely in place. These caps allow you to easily identify your keys quickly without a lot of fumbling. I also love the little knob on the side that identifies which end is up. These are just so unique and useful! Now that we have been using them, I can’t imagine not having them!
Giveaway time!

Grand prize is a $50 Target Gift Card!
10 other winners will win a pack of key caps!

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