Fresh-Tips Review

Fresh-Tips is a new and innovative product for people on-the-go. Fresh-Tips is a quick, easy, and affordable disposable toothbrush with a breath mint that is clinically proven to remove plaque and freshen your breath. It works like a lollipop and is much easier than carrying around toothpicks or toothbrushes. It is also eco-friendly.
I received a sample pack of Fresh-Tips at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.
My Review
I am out of the house the majority of the day. I leave my house at about 8:20 am and don’t get home until around 6:30 pm. That is if I don’t have to go anywhere or make any stops after work. That is a long day. No matter how great the toothpaste you use, with drinking coffee, eating snacks, and smoking, your mouth and breath can get get pretty bad during the day. I know mine does. I hate that yuk feeling, and I don’t want to get into anyone’s personal space when I talk to them. These Fresh-Tips are the coolest product I’ve tried for fresh breath, and making it seem like I’ve been able to brush my teeth during the day. These are small and compact, and you use them just like you would eating a lollipop. The blue ones even have a toothpick on the end for after meals. These are unobtrusive and you don’t have to have water. I have loved having these to use on my really long days. Fresh Tips has a Bubble Gum flavor for kids with no toothpick on the end also.
Fresh-Tips is offering my Fans and Followers the chance to also try FreshTips and enjoy a FREE sample pack of 5 ($12 value), all you would need to pay is $4.95 for shipping. 
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