Emjoi Epi Slim Review

The new ultra-portable and ultra-affordable Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 battery-operated epilator does everything that its larger Emjoi siblings do—removing unwanted hair from the body and face, while doing so with the absolute minimum of discomfort—but in a smaller, lighter package and at an extremely affordable price. 
I received an Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 at no cost in exchange for an honest review
The Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 is a compact hair remover with 18 tweezers to erase unwanted hair from the root. The worldwide patented 3 disc system makes it extremely comfortable and keeps hair away for up to six weeks. It is battery-operated and great for travel.
18 tweezer action discs remove hair from the root for up to 6 weeks.
Erase Glide Techology – glide back and forth or circular motion over hair for smooth, hair free skin in seconds.
Patented 3 disc system – each disc set contains one fixed disc and two that open and close to gently assist in skin stretching to increase comfort.
Skin Glide Technology lifts up and removes hair by gliding the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation.
14mm discs – optimum radius to remove hair.
Removes hair from the root as short as 0.3mm.
540 tweezer actions per second.
Great for facial and body hair.
Battery-operated (2AA not included).
Sometimes being a woman can be pretty rough. We have to shave, pluck, moisturize, condition, and on and on and on. I’m all for any product that makes my routine even a little bit easier. This Emjoi Epi Slim is the perfect companion to your trusty razor. This is very easy to handle and hold, gets into spots that you can’t always get to easily with a razor, and leaves you with beautiful smooth skin. You can use this on your bikini line, armpits, face, anywhere you need a little precision. The Epi Slim runs on 2 AA batteries so you can use it anywhere, anytime. It can easily go into your travel bag when you have to be away from home. I was really impressed with how well this worked at removing hair, and how long my skin stayed smooth after I used it. I have been telling all my female friends that they need this product!

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