Charmazing Review

Style Me Up! is all about providing girls with the tools they need to create and define beauty and style for themselves. With our new collection of charm bracelets, Charmazing, we’ve created a world filled with positive messages designed to inspire and empower girls to be creative, happy and proud of what they can do.
I received a Charmazing kit at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion
I received the Seaside Collection

My Review
I don’t have girls, so I don’t get to experience girly things like this very often. I have several friends with little girls, and I love getting stuff like this to share with them. These kits from Charmazing are perfect for tween and teen girls, and even younger girls, with a little bit of help, can really enjoy these! The beads and charms are beautiful and the message behind the charms is great. The beads are unique and colorful and even though they are plastic, they are sturdy and will hold up well. The instructions are easy to follow. It only took me a few minutes to put a bracelet together. The best part is these can be undone and redone a million times. When you get tired of one design, you can undo the bracelet and switch it up with some new beads and designs. This is a really nice product for young girls with a great positive message!

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