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Saturday, November 8, 2014

CatDog: The Complete Series Review

So you think you have trouble dealing with your sibling? Then you’ll howl with laughter and meow for more watching the madcap misadventures of the feline and canine brothers who bring a whole new meaning to the idea of “family bonding” in CatDog: The Complete Series.

Brothers Cat and Dog couldn't be more different — Cat is clever and cultured, while Dog is a naïve but lovable goofball. But they definitely share one thing in common: a body! This crazy set of conjoined twins find themselves in all sorts of silly adventures, but through them all, the two misfits stick together…whether they like it or not!

We received this DVD set at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


This is another huge hit for my boys. They live for and love their Nickelodeon shows, and they love having them on DVD so they can watch them whenever they want. CatDog is a cute and funny, mad cap adventure that keeps them rolling with laughter. My little boy brothers love the brothers CatDog and this is a show that even me and daddy can enjoy watching with them.

Available at Walmart starting October 14th!!

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