Anchor Bay Holiday DVD Review and Giveaway

It’s getting to be that time of year! Anchor Bay has two new movies to add to your Fall/Holiday collection! I received the two DVD’s pictured at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We got Tickety Toc Christmas Present Time and 
Chuggington Chuggineers Ready to Build
In “Christmas Present Time”, it’s Christmas time in Tickety Town and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to make every merry second count! This all-new collection of seasonal adventures – including the Christmas Present Time extended special – brings viewers along as the twins find a new way to make snow, build a giant igloo, roll the biggest snowball ever and even help Santa fix his sleigh in time for Christmas Eve. But when their zany escapades get out of hand, the twins look to their friends, McCoggins, Pufferty, Madame Au Lait and Tooteroo, to help them make things right!
Episodes include:
Christmas Present Time
 Winter Time
 Snow Time
 Igloo Time
 Leaf Sweeping Time
DVD Bonus Features:
Coloring Pages
In this special collection of hard-working adventures – including the “We are the Chuggineers” music video! – Brewster joins Chuggineers Zack, Fletch and Tyne to build tracks, bridges and tunnels, make repairs, haul heavy loads and more! 
Featuring new wagons and machines, including the massive yellow Mega Chug Crane, and new friends Payce, the tunnel runner from Tootington, and Cormac, the cheeky forklift engine, “Chuggineers Ready To Build” (SRP: $14.98) will help Wilson, Brewster, Koko and little trainees at home discover important lessons about safety, responsibility and teamwork.
 “Chuggineers: Ready to Build Special”
 “Brewster Makes Tracks”
 “Back Up Brewster”
 “Outward Bound Olwin”
 “Fault Finder Emery”
DVD Bonus Features:
 New Music Video: “We are the Chuggineers!”
Badge Quest Episode: “Night Chuggers”
Character Montages: Zack and Jackman
 Coloring and Activity Pages
It’s that time of year again! Time to start bringing out the holiday movies and getting into the spirit. These two movies are the perfect addition to the line up of movies your little ones will want to watch! Your child’s favorite Tickety Toc characters get all wrapped up in adventure for Christmas and help Santa just in the nick of time. The Chuggineers have some new adventures also that will keep the littles entertained for hours. My boys loved watching their favorite characters over and over on these DVD’s and so will your little ones! 
Enter to win these 2 DVD’s!
  1. Right now the favorite character is Batmat… which is funny since the kids do not even watch Batman! (i guess just the looks of him is fun!)


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